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Lab Report Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Lab Report Example inch from the base of the pot and it was detached with the assistance of a glass fiber to make the cooling procedure of the example impede. This gave the experimenter sufficient opportunity to gather the information required (the difference in temperature versus time). Like clockwork, the temperature was noted until the example of liquefied Tin arrived at a temperature close to 150C (10C over the point of solidification of unadulterated Tin) so as to keep the thermocouple sheath from freezing. After the information was gathered, a plot of temperature versus time was created. The plot appeared as a bend, which is the Tin-cooling bend. The bend shows the cooling procedure,. Theoretical: This investigation was aimed at deciding the liquefying purpose of unadulterated Tin. For this reason, a clay pot containing unadulterated Tin was warmed in a heater up to the temperature that was expectedly over the liquefying purpose of unadulterated Tin. When that was accomplished, the example of flu id Tin was placed into a compartment that was loaded up with sand. A thermocouple sheath was put into the dissolved Tin and was confined with the assistance of a glass fiber. This hindered the cooling procedure of the example of Tin and gave the experimenter sufficient opportunity to gather the entirety of the necessary information (the difference in temperature versus time).

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Professional Research and Communication Research Design and Methodolo

Question: Talk about theProfessional Research and Communication for Research Design and Methodology. Answer: Presentation: 1. The table underneath shows the reactions with respect to impression of 100 clients towards the nature of food provided by the retail food store. For this situation, the score is acquired by duplicating the Rating on Likert Scale Number of Responses Reactions 1. Unequivocally Disagree 14 14 2. Oppose this idea 16 32 3. Uncertain 26 52 4. Concur 14 28 5. Unequivocally Agree 30 15 All out 100 141 141/100=1.41 all out number of respondents furnished by the respondents with the relegated rating number of the Likert scale. This procedure of increasing the quantity of reactions to the rating is mistaken as it neglects to speak to the extent of the respondents for the announcements. A superior measure for assessment of the impression of the clients towards the nature of the food results of the organization can be focal propensity (Weiss and Weiss 2012). The computation of the mean of the reactions of the clients can be determined by including all the numbers and afterward partitioning by the absolute number of reactions. The can help in showing up at a specific center worth. Once more, the middle speaks to the proper center worth (Gentle et al. 2012). The middle can be specified by list posting the figures in a numerical figure. The mode speaks to the information that happens most often. The mean as a proportion of the focal inclination can be considered as a superior measurement as it can properly sum up the information into a solitary file number (Andersen et al. 2012). This can speak to the entre information all in all. Furthermore, the focal inclination can likewise help in correlation of the information that can distinguish the most proper single worth that is illustrative of the whole recurrence conveyance (Weiss and Weiss 2012) Again, the mean can likewise give an exact depiction of the information (MacDonald 2012). 2. Truly, the aftereffects of the investigation can modify if the chose and the reprehensive example of the examination don't take an interest in the overview. The non-cooperation of the lower number of individuals in the online overview can prompt blunders as the little, number of tests may not sufficiently speak to the whole objective populace of the investigation. The odds of neglecting to incorporate an unsatisfied client are pretty much 35%. Accordingly, the support of more modest number of tests can ignore many focused on populace. Likewise, the investment of lower number of respondents can likewise prompt one-sided results that can ignore the perspectives of numerous members. Furthermore, the fluctuation that is controlled by basically the standard deviation of the chose test are gotten from the examples of the investigation. In this manner, the littler size of the example due to the non-interest of the respondents can prompt developments of the examples from the populace. Moreover, this can likewise influence the general reliability of the task as this non-investment of the respondents can prompt littler size of the examples and higher fluctuation. This thus can prompt inclinations that can happen because of absence of response.3. The information on the sex of the respondents are viewed as the ostensible worth or, in all likelihood perceptions that can appoint an unequivocal code as a particular number and the numbers can be viewed as basically marks. One can check the ostensible qualities yet not place the information all together or, in all likelihood measure the general ostensible information (Berenson et al. 2012). The qualities in the Fahrenheit Thermometers that mirrors the temperatures in Fahrenheit are basically interim factors. The temperature identified in Fahrenheit can be viewed as the factors that can be counted in a continuum and can have distinctive numerical worth (Berenson et al. 2012). The Kelvin thermometers that gather esteems speaking to temperatures in Kelvin can be viewed as the proportion factors. The temperature estimated in Kelvin is basically a proportion variable as zero Kelvin mirrors the way that there is no temperature at all (Andersen et al. 2012). The quantity of things a client buys in entire numbers can be viewed as the Ledger parity can be viewed as an interim as the individuals would have both zero equalization or, more than likely negative parity in their record (Weiss and Weiss 2012). 4. Non-trial research can be viewed as the exploration that is shy of the treatment of a free factor and arbitrary task of various members to assorted conditions or, in all likelihood requests of conditions or both (Gentle et al. 2012). Trial study can be directed for assessment of the impact of drinking squeezed orange on the exhibition of the players in the end of the week. The student can do the non-trial quantitative research by utilizing numerical or, in all likelihood he quantifiable information. The consequences of the investigation are basically founded on destinations just as deliberate perceptions (Pickard 2012). The factors of the exploration that incorporates execution of the players and numerous others can be distinguished that are quantifiable. Be that as it may, the non-trial studies can be enlightening, prescient, and illustrative (Marczyk et al. 2010). The illustrative investigation can follow the adjustments in the practices and mentalities of the players and set va rious markers for distinguishing proof of reactions of the members towards a specific boosts. The illustrative hypothesis is basically founded on the connection idea that offers a sentiment of wellbeing and can look at the relationship between factors of connections (Gall et al. 2010). Semi trial examines are basically the subjects to concerns concerning inward legitimacy thus the treatment and control gatherings probably won't be practically identical at the standard (John Kuada 2012). On account of irregular analyses, the members of the investigation have equivalent chance of getting chose to a specific mediation gathering or, in all likelihood the examination gathering. The semi trial configuration can be alluded to as the procedure that thinks about three unique plans that incorporate uncontrolled before just as after examinations, differing time arrangement structure and controlled when considers (Marczyk et al. 2010). Here, semi examinations can likewise be completed for testing the effect of drinking juices on the exhibitions of the players in the end of the week. Here, the uncontrolled investigations both when explicit mediation can be checked and the differences because of the intercessions can likewise be assessed to assess the impacts of the drinking jui ces on execution of players. This is a straightforward report in spite of the fact that is better than simply the observational examination. The abrupt modifications in the patterns can make it trying as the watched change would perhaps because of the adjustments. The semi trials can likewise utilize the time arrangement plans that perceive various intercessions and influence the whole pattern. A period arrangement examination can likewise be done for ascertaining the exhibition against time. Controlled when studies can be done where information can be accumulated out both when intercessions (MacDonald 2012). An analysis is basically an examination that consolidates a treatment, a strategy and a program that is deliberately presented and a result can be watched (Mackey and Gass 2015). In the event that on the off chance that an exploratory investigation is led, at that point four fundamental components should be consolidated in the framework. The procedure of the exploratory examination basically incorporates the methodology of control, control, procedure of irregular task just as arbitrary choice. The analyst can change the conditions according to the prerequisites of the investigation and control the whole condition. Once more, the exploratory investigation can be both controlled and controlled to show up at the results (Graziano and Raulin 2010). Besides, tests allude to the systems that include the endeavors to limit various mistakes just as inclinations that can build the certainty that thusly can control the result. Additionally, the test study can likewise incorporate the procedure of arbitrary assignments. A strategy is likewise utilized to assess effects of various modifications and treatment is basically to make various estimations both before just as after then treatment and complete a near report after the task. So as to show up at the indisputable outcomes, factual investigation can be out to acquire convincing results. The speculations testing methodology can be completed where he invalid theory can be expressed as There is no contrast between the players drinking the juices on their presentation. The elective theory in such manner can be there exists a change between the pre and post the circumstance of drinking juices on execution of the players. A matched t test can be done for testing the speculation. Here, two diverse combined factors communicated as the matched variable where the determination of the principal variable fundamentally followed by the pre variable can be done. Once more, the combined example measurements can give the mean, standard deviation, numbers and standard blunders for both when treatment (Leary 2011). The p esteem in the matched example test can help in showing up at the outcomes. References Andersen, P.K., Borgan, O., Gill, R.D. what's more, Keiding, N., 2012.Statistical models dependent on tallying forms. Springer Science Business Media. Berenson, M., Levine, D., Szabat, K.A. what's more, Krehbiel, T.C., 2012.Basic business insights: Concepts and applications. Pearson Higher Education AU. Nerve, M.D., Borg, W.R. what's more, Gall, J.P., 2010.Educational research: A presentation. Longman Publishing. Delicate, J.E., Hrdle, W.K. furthermore, Mori, Y. eds., 2012.Handbook of computational measurement

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Navigating tutorials with your dissertation supervisor

Navigating tutorials with your dissertation supervisor Navigating tutorials with your dissertation supervisor Both undergraduate dissertations and masters dissertations are strictly regulated, in most cases meaning that a student is only allowed a limited number of hours with their dissertation supervisor. This means that it is absolutely essential to make the very most of the time you have with them as their help will be invaluable in writing a first class dissertation. Read our top tips to maximise the efficiency and value of your dissertation tutorial time. Prepare It is vital to prepare fully for your dissertation tutorials. Your time will be wasted if you have to spend part of it catching up and looking at materials you could have studied in advance. This careful preparation and research is an important part of dissertation writing. Prepare a list of topics or issues you need to cover for each tutorial and make sure you get through them. Remember that the number of times your supervisor looks over your drafts during the dissertation writing period may also be limited, so prepare ideas and sections to discuss during tutorials to get the maximum possible amount of input from your dissertation supervisor on your work itself. Plan ahead The limited number of dissertation supervisions you have will fly by much quicker than you anticipate. To avoid the common pitfall of finding you have run out of allocated hours but still have a huge section of dissertation writing to tackle, or an important area still to discuss, find out at the beginning how many hours you are allowed. Then draw up a plan in discussion with your supervisor, assigning each major topic or area a tutorial or part of a tutorial, making sure you will be able to fit everything in to the time allowed. The structure of this plan should echo your dissertation structure. Remember to try and leave some time at the end for a final read-through with your supervisor once you have finished your dissertation writing, for correction of minor errors and referencing, bibliography etc. Take notes Your dissertation supervisor is likely to be an expert on the topic you are writing your dissertation on. Make sure you take copious notes throughout supervisions to help you remember all the valuable advice and information they will give you. If they mention a text or theorist you should look at then make sure you write it down, don’t rely on memory alone. These supervision hours and their knowledge are extremely precious and you will kick yourself later if you can only remember part of what was discussed. The Ultimate Guide to Writing a Dissertation See all articles in the series Planning a dissertation: the dos and donts Dissertation research: how to find dissertation resources Masters dissertation research â€" library cataloguing best dissertationdissertation helpdissertation referencing tipsdissertation structuringdissertation writing service

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Essay on Human Trafficking Modern Day Slavery - 1036 Words

â€Å"Trafficking† refers to illegal trade, an over-used word by the media that can be daintily attached to drugs, weapons, and humans. We hear the term so often; one can easily be desensitized to its context. Nicholas Kistof of the New York Times states, â€Å"Human trafficking is a convoluted euphemism.† He goes right to the heart of the matter and refers to it as modern human slavery. Human slavery is raw, honest and sadly much more prevalent than we would like to believe. Every year an estimated 800,000 people are transported across international boundaries for the purpose of human slavery. In the United States alone it is estimated that 100,000 children each year are part of the sex trade. According to the US Department of State in†¦show more content†¦In countries where a cast system is still activity respected, it is not uncommon for a farmer to sell off his daughter in order to support his impoverished family. Ruchira Gupta, a journalist, discovered how often this happens by accident while visiting the hills of Nepal in 1994. She remembers, â€Å"Many villages in the hills had no women between the ages of 15 and 45.† After nine months of research and countless obstacles from politicians and local mafia she finally had enough information to produce her film The Selling of Innocents. The film went on to win an Emmy in 1997. From there she created the organization Apne Aap (self-help in Hindi) to bring awareness to the women of the world. Her story and others like it finally spurred the government to action and in 2000 the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act was passed in the United States. Many victims are coerced through false promises of free transportation to better places or promises of employment. Going willingly into a lie of a better life and then the victim arrives and finds that they are either physically, financially or emotionally a prisoner. Along with sex trafficking many people are transported and held for slave labor. 80% of victims are women, leaving a surprising 20% of men and boys are also held against their will as well. The selling of children into slavery is sadly a common practice and even culturally accepted in parts of the world like India. Should we leave theseShow MoreRelatedModern Day Slavery: Human Trafficking 866 Words   |  4 PagesBlood Borne Connections.) Human trafficking is the modern day slavery, it involves taking control over a person through force, fraud or coercion to exploit the victim for forced labor, sexual exploitation. or both (â€Å"What† par.1). This is become the sad reality for many, approximately three out of every 1,000 people worldwide are being forced into this such slavery. Victims of human trafficking are people of all backgrounds and ages, no one is safe from the dirty hands of human traffickers. Every yearRead MoreHuman Trafficking : Modern Day Slavery1244 Words   |  5 Pages Human trafficking Around the world human trafficking happens around us without us noticing or realising what is happening. Modern-day slavery exists around the world and it is known today as human trafficking or trafficking in persons. So, what is human trafficking and why don t many people seek for help or go to athoughty ? Well human trafficking is modern-day slavery and involves the use of force, fraud, or coercion to obtain some type of labor or commercial sex act. Every year millionsRead MoreHuman Trafficking And The Modern Day Slavery Essay1006 Words   |  5 Pagesfield of criminal justice, and is known as the modern day slavery. This paper will also discuss the globalization in human trafficking. The study examines the impact of economic globalization on the human trafficking inflows around the world. This paper will begin by providing the definition of what human trafficking and globalization is, and how it works within the context of law enforcement. The history of human trafficking and how human trafficking is effecting societies across the world. ThisRead MoreHuman Trafficking And Modern Day Slavery Essay1390 Words   |  6 PagesHuman Trafficking There is an ever growing problem that is coursing the world. Every day 3,287 people are sold or kidnapped, and are forced into slavery. (Human Trafficking Statistics Reports 2012) Most people do not realize that modern-day slavery happens closer to home than they think. 14,000-17,500 is the estimated number of people trafficked into the United States each year. (Human Trafficking Statistics Reports 2012) The government has tried to reduce this problem as well as everyday peopleRead MoreHuman Trafficking : Modern Day Slavery1604 Words   |  7 PagesHuman Trafficking One of the most serious crimes worldwide, human trafficking is the buying, selling, and transportation of people for the use of sexual exploitation, forced labor, or organ removal. â€Å"Human trafficking is modern-day slavery and involves the use of force, fraud, or coercion to obtain some type of labor or commercial sex act.† (What is human trafficking Homeland) It happens in the United States and foreign countries. Many people do not see it happening, but in fact it is happeningRead MoreHuman Trafficking : Modern Day Slavery1531 Words   |  7 PagesHuman trafficking is modern day slavery that occurs with both genders of all ages. Human trafficking occurs mostly in poorer countries like Asia, and Eastern Europe and isn t solely sexual slavery; the victims can be used for labor purposes also. Organizations like Shared Hope International and Coalition Against Trafficking in Women fight to rescue the victims of human trafficking. These organizations spread the dangers of hum an trafficking through education and public awareness. Often times traffickingRead MoreHuman Trafficking : Modern Day Slavery1228 Words   |  5 Pages Around the world human trafficking happens around us without us noticing or realising what is happening. Modern-day slavery exists around the world and it is known today as human trafficking or trafficking in persons. So, what is human trafficking and why don t many people seek for help or go to athoughty ? Well human trafficking is modern-day slavery and involves the use of force, fraud, or coercion to obtain some type of labor or commercial sex act. Every year millions of men and woman andRead MoreHuman Trafficking : A Modern Day Slavery961 Words   |  4 PagesEnglish IV Nov. 23 2015 How to Stop Trafficking Women are not the only ones being sold today. Man are not the only ones selling humans today. All different kinds of humans are being sold in something called human trafficking. Human trafficking has become a problem worldwide and is effecting all people male, female, children, LGBT. There are many solutions, one of them is to educate the children at a younger age. Human trafficking is like a modern day slavery. The people being sold are forced inRead MoreHuman Trafficking : Modern Day Slavery1732 Words   |  7 PagesHaley Gooding Mrs. Gallos English 3 Honors 6 April 2017 Human Trafficking One of the most serious crimes worldwide, human trafficking is the buying, selling, and transportation of people for the use of sexual exploitation, forced labor, or organ removal. â€Å"Human trafficking is modern-day slavery and involves the use of force, fraud, or coercion to obtain some type of labor or commercial sex act.† (What is human trafficking Homeland) It happens in the United States and foreign countries. Many peopleRead MoreHuman Trafficking : Modern Day Slavery1210 Words   |  5 PagesHuman Trafficking Imagine being able to own a business and make nothing but profit. One of the types of trafficking is Labor Trafficking, which helps keep prices cheaper by having cheap workers. If companies do not have people working in factories for very little then a lot of prices would go up crazy like on clothing and furniture. A lot of countries economy are built off sex trafficking which helps the economy significantly. The ongoing â€Å"phenomenon† of human trafficking is not a problem

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Fracking Carbon Dioxide and Natural Gas Free Essays

April 8, 2012 Dear Senator Greg Ball, The current practice of hydraulic fracturing (fracking) began in America in the late 1990‘s and has been wreaking havoc on the land and the lives of the American people since. In case you are unaware, fracking is the process well diggers use to extract natural gas and oil from the earth. They use pressurized mixture of water, sand, and chemicals to form veins (or fractures) in the rock in order for the natural gas or oil to escape. We will write a custom essay sample on Fracking: Carbon Dioxide and Natural Gas or any similar topic only for you Order Now Although this process is an affective way to produce the natural resources from the earth, there are repercussions that are being ignored by the well companies. For instance, there were several private wells in Dimock, Pennsylvania contaminated with methane caused by the fracking done by Cabot Oil and Gas. The people living off these wells were not able to use their water. Although the gas company denied any kind of fault, they compensated the residents financially and built a new pipeline to bring clean water in. In December, 2011 the EPA sent out letters to the residents telling them their water was safe to drink. But in January of 2012 the EPA retracted its position and told the gas company to immediately take care of the problem. Another problem that has developed due to fracking is pollution around the dig sites. Emissions associated with combustion include nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxide, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. Another emission problem is the emission produced from the natural gas. Gasses such as methane, ethane and liquid condensate and volatile organic compounds (VOC). VOC’s have been proven to cause birth defects, neurological problems, and cancer. Most recently, in March of 2012, officials in Ohio are blaming the wastewater produced from fracking for a series of recent earthquakes. What my goal would be from you Mr. Ball, is that you would introduce a bill to the senate that would encourage regulation on fracking from the federal level. If the federal government would regulate the way fracking is done in America, it could save many lives and help save the environment. Bad drilling techniques, design and execution are some of the reasons the drilling wreaks so much havoc. This is something that could very easily be regulated by inspections of the wells. I also believe that the number of wells being drilled needs to be regulated. In Pennsylvania alone, there are 3,500 wells. This number is too high. Having that number of wells in such s small area, is inviting problems. If the federal government would make some regulations on how many wells per square mile are aloud, it would cut down of a lot of the damage being done. It may also be possible to regulate how far from civilian dwellings a well should be drilled. If the wells were drilled several miles from any home, the chances of it endangering people and animals would decrease. Mr. Ball I appreciate you taking time to read this letter and listening to my concerns. I am confident that you love this country as much as I do and will try to put an end to hydraulic fracturing as we know it today. Sincerely, How to cite Fracking: Carbon Dioxide and Natural Gas, Essay examples

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A1 script win213 free essay sample

You work for a medium size wholesale book publisher as the system administrator. This year management has decided, at the last minute, to sell books at its annual book conference. The company as a rule does not sell its books retail, consequently management does not want to purchase an off the shelve retail sales program. Rather, you have been assigned the task of writing a PowerShell text-based program calledLearnName_SalesProgram. ps1 which will do the following. Allow the sales clerk to the following at the console: 1. Enter the book title –data type string. If the user enters a null string, the program should beep and redisplay the needed value 2. Enter a one sentence description of the book — data type string 3. Enter the book’s ID number. Code numbers are alpha-numeric (e. g. ROM482,SCI233,BUS400). If the user enters a numeric value, the program should prompt for alphanumeric 4. Enter the list price of the book with a dollar sign and decimal format –data type decimal 5. We will write a custom essay sample on A1 script win213 or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page If the user does not enter a numeric value the program should prompt for a numeric value 6. Calculate the harmonized tax rate (HST) of 12% (list price X . 12 = tax payable) – data type constant. Display the tax payable and total purchase price for the book to the customer. (tax + list price = purchase price)- data type decimal 7. Output the above information to a file called BookSalesConference2014. txt in the following 8. Optional: include a running total called â€Å"Total Book Sales:† which is saved to the file 9. The file format should look like the following: ______________________________________ Title of Book: Description: Code Number: List Price: Tax Payable: Purchase Price: _______________________________________ Total Book Sales: (optional) Set-Variable TaxRate -Option Constant -value . 12 if ( (Test-Path . \BookSalesConference2014. txt) -ne â€Å"True† ){ New-Item -Type File . \BookSalesConference2014. txt } Clear-Host [string]$Title = Read-Host â€Å"Book Title† while ( $Title -eq â€Å"† ) { [console]::beep(1000,500) $Title = Read-Host â€Å"Please Enter Book Title Again† } [string]$Description = Read-Host â€Å"Book Description† [string]$CodeNmeber = Read-Host â€Å"Code Number† while ( $CodeNmeber -match â€Å"^\d+$† ) { $CodeNmeber = Read-Host â€Å"The Code Nmubers Are Alpha-numeric. Please Enter Again† } [string]$InputPrice = Read-Host â€Å"List Price â€Å" while ( $InputPrice -notmatch â€Å"^\$[0-9]+(\. [0-9]{0,2})? $† ) { $InputPrice = Read-Host â€Å"The Prices Are Dollar Sign Plus Numeric. Please Enter Again† } [Decimal]$ListPrice=$InputPrice. Remove(0,1) [Decimal]$Tax=$ListPrice * $TaxRate [Decimal]$PurchasePrice=$ListPrice+$Tax Write-Host â€Å"Tax Payable: $† $Tax Write-Host â€Å"Purchase Price: $† $PurchasePrice Write-Output â€Å"________________________________________________________________† . \BookSalesConference2014. txt